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Photography - My First Love

When my Grandfather passed away, many many moons ago, I inherited his Olympus SLR, 35mm camera. Having absolutely no experience with SLR cameras, I was in awe of all of it's dials and couldn't wait to experiment with it. Back then, you had to point, adjust and click, and hope that you had done everything right to get the shot the way you imagined it. Dropping off your film at the photo-finishers was always an exciting time especially if you could get your shots back in 1 hour. Opening up the envelope and finding your perfect shot, "YES! I nailed it...the light, the composition....YES!" And I was hooked!

Paintings - Always a Surprise

I have always had a zest for creativity and originality. High school art classes were a struggle because of restrictions or guidelines that I wouldn’t always meet. I would sacrifice an “A” if it meant that I really loved what I was creating. As an adult I have experienced the freedom of creating artwork the way I imagine it.  I’ve learned to never force an idea and I let the paint guide me instead. It’s somewhat of a spiritual journey I’d say, and I enjoy every moment of it.

browne copy 12x24-2SMALL